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FEE Schedule

FEE Schedule 
Building Permits (See Building Inspector, Payable at Time Application is Filed)
New Home$250.00
Outbuilding (over 300 square feet)$100.00
Outbuilding (under 300 square feet, over 100 square feet)$50.00
Decks (attached to home)$25.00
Commercial Building Permit$0.03/Sq. Ft.
New Address Fee$70.00
Razing Permit$5.00
Driveway Permit$40.00
Dogs (Annual, See Treasurer, Payable with Property Taxes, or Before April 1st)
Spayed or Neutered$3.00
Un-spayed or non-neutered$8.00
Fire Call – New London Fire District – 1st hour$300.00
Two (2) hours or longer$500.00
Fire Call – Shiocton Fire District – 1st hour$400.00
Cost per hour after 1st hour$250.00
Fire Call – Hortonia Fire District$350.00
Cost per hour after 1st hour$150.00
Liquor License (Annual, See Town Board, Payable at Time Application is Filed)
Class B (Beer)$200.00
Class B (Liquor)$200.00
Planning Commission Hearing$500.00
Town Hall Rent (See Town Clerk)$50.00
plus $50.00 Deposit
Waste Hauler’s License (Annual, 2 Available, See Town Clerk)$25.00
Wolf River and Embarras River Raft License (Annual)