Town of Liberty

Outagamie, WI



Welcome to the Town of Liberty.

The Town of Liberty was created in 1851, when Outagamie County separated from Brown County. From its beginning, the Town of Liberty has been a farming community. Today, farming is still important, but faces several challenges. In more recent decades, residential development has become more and more pervasive as people seek rural locations with easy access to the surrounding areas.

We have…..

  • Great natural resources – 2 rivers, bog, etc.
  • Low occurrence of crime
  • Good transportation to and from other areas
  • Quiet environment – not “crunched” with residential or commercial development
  • Great outdoor recreation opportunities
  • Progressive town government – not reactive


Monthly Meeting Agenda
Town of Liberty Monthly Meeting
May 11th, 2016 at 7:00 PM

– Minutes from March Meeting
– Treasurer’s Report
– Read Mail
– Building Inspector’s Report (if any)
– Assessor Report (if any)
– Constable Report (if any)
– Planning Commission Report (if any)
– Cemetery Commission Report (if any)
– Pay Bills
– Old Business > TBD
– New Business > TBD
– Any other business that may come properly before the Board
– Public Input
– Adjourn
Submitted by:
Julia DeGroot, Clerk